GPU Cooling in the R720XD

There is a good reason Dell didn’t support GPUs in it’s R720XD servers (I hope), but that didn’t stop me from doing it anyways.

It started out with the Nvidia M40, which ran alright most of the time with the default cooling shroud, but upgrades were desired! So a P100 went in and now the system didn’t even stay online due to the overheating card at idle.

Time for some good ol’ homelab hackery.

For whatever reason I had trouble finding any resource describing how to add groups to a newly-invited user automatically.

This post will serve mostly as a reference to myself, as I want to try to get this added to the official docs instead since I thought this was a fairly common use case.

Spring Swapping in the Spring

It’s spring, and that means… it’s time for spring spring swapping?

At least, that’s what I ended up doing.

Following up on my last post about the ZSA Moonlander I’ve switched to the Drop Holy Panda X keyswitches. Since not everyone thinks they are entirely deserving of the Holy Panda name, and I don’t want to type that a thousand times, I’ll just call them Drop HPX switches.

I’ve never owned any other Holy Panda switches, but I can say for sure they’ve got better tactility than any of the standard browns: Cherry Brown, Kailh Brown / Box Brown, but they were far heavier. Turns out, I’m not a heavy typer, so that’s how I started down the path of swapping the springs.

Updated Mar. 18, 2022 with instructions about how to downgrade game versions while mods are being updated, because ScoreSaber only supports 1.19.0 right now.

Geefr has released a new GUI mod installer for Linux! I recommend you use that now instead of the terminal / scripts option detailed in this post.

Old mod install method:

1.3.0 broke mods again! Use these scripts to get them working again! Read further below to see more details about this update

So you’ve probably heard that I’ve recently started using an HTC Vive I acquired (or you’re somebody I’ve never met…) and I also love rhythm games, so you see where this is going.

Beat Saber works great on it’s own with my new PC (details in a previous post: Triangulum) but I needed more out of the game, since I’m used to the custom community, songs, skins, etc from OSU (Lazer!).

It’s not too hard to get everything working, just needs some extra tweaks here and there.

For quick reference, the programs I will be using are:

That’s all you’ll need! Now let’s get started!

The ZSA Moonlander First Impressions

I am the proud new user of ZSA’s Moonlander MK1, and in fact this is my first experience using an ortholinear keyboard.

It’s only been a few days since the unboxing, and already I am absolutely loving the experience of typing on it, even if I am spending a few seconds hunting for a special key I had to reposition.

In just 4 days since I opened the box I am already achieving more than 50% of my original typing speed on the UHK (which I still love, btw) and I seem to be improving at a much faster rate compared to the UHK, which was my first split keyboard.