Who is this?



  • Systems Development / Integration intern for ORNL’s OLCF
  • Workflow and DevOps lead for ORNL MDF Slicer 2 project.
  • Lead Programmer for FRC Team 3966

I am:

  • an Ubuntu & Linux (GNU flavor) Addict
  • a hacker
  • a Programmer in multiple languages
  • a videogame player (only on Linux)
  • probably a human. (needs more evidence)

I am not:

  • a Windows enthusiast.
  • an owner of any Apple products.
  • a sports fan.
  • a historian.

Programming Interests:

  • Python 2 & 3
  • Shell: Zsh, Bash, Sh
  • C++ (11, 17, etc)
  • HTML(5), Pug
  • CSS, Less, Sass/Scss
  • Javascript, Node

Want to learn: Go, Haskell, Ruby, Rust, Lua

What is this red bird thing?

It’s a modification / adaptation / trace (svg form) of the first digital picture I ever took.

The bird is a Cardinalis cardinalis (Northern Red Cardinal) from Eastern Tennessee.

I’ve been using it for my online presence for a very long time, making new versions of it every so often.