Thank You System76


Two years later my System76 Oryx Pro v1 is still running strong.

It’s not just the regular cleaning or standard computer upkeep that’s been keeping it alive so well - it’s the amazing software support that System76 has provided throughout it’s lifetime.

When I first got my laptop, I was already very happy with my purchase, and Linux just worked like I so desired.

Now, with two years of software and firmware updates from System76, my laptop is actually running just as well - if not better - than it was when I first received it.

Here’s a short list of the features I’ve most appreciated from these software/firmware updates:

  • Nvidia Drivers
    • Switching between integrated Intel graphics and the dedicated GTX970M is now as simple as pressing a button and a quick reboot!
    • System76 has provided graphics drivers updates the whole time, with each update coming in without any issues or problems with graphics performance.
    • The System76 Nvidia CUDA PPA has been extremely useful, and it even helped a friend on a Dell XPS laptop get CUDA working!
    • The built-in screen in my laptop now runs at a 120hz native refresh rate thanks to the updates. (That’s still with G-Sync on an IPS Panel!)

120hz option in Gnome Display Settings

(Yes it looks like the hardware really does run faster than 60hz! I know because my other monitor is 144hz and I can spot the 60hz difference.)

  • Pop_OS!
    • Even though I’m not a direct user of their new Ubuntu-based operating system, I’ve found that a lot of their work there has been extremely beneficial to me even as I continue to boot the stock Ubuntu images.
    • The UI changes and clean design work makes the desktop feel much more modern again. This includes things like power profile switching, which I’m using on stock Ubuntu!

Performance/Balanced/Powersave and Nvidia/Intel switching!

  • Intel IME
    • They wrote their own firmware update process to disable the Intel Management Engine!
    • Was really easy and well-integrated. Had no problems flashing the firmware.

System76 Firmware Update Tool

These efforts are not to be taken lightly!

As a Reddit user u/reconditus replied to one of my comments in r/linux:

System76 deserve more recognition for the work they do. I recently bought the Sager-badged equivalent of the current-gen Oryx Pro (Clevo P955ER) because I had a ton of Amazon store credit burning a hole on my pocket, and Sager was available through them while System76 only sells direct. Big mistake. I have Linux running smoothly now, but only after wrestling through a handful of ACPI issues and lots of beating my head against a desk getting NVIDIA/Bumblebee to work properly (which it still only kind-of does). The TuxedoPC clevo-xsm-wmi module at least built cleanly, but even that could be a chore for someone not used to building from source.

They’re doing a lot more than just re-badging, and given the option again I would have just sucked it up and paid System76’s premium/foregone the Amazon credit for the ease of a properly supported system.

That aside, the hardware is wonderful. Would highly recommend the new Oryx Pro.

To the future

When I see a “Lifetime Support” offer on a product, I normally don’t think too much of it. With System76, their support has been amazingly easy to work with!

I’ve had 4 open tickets on different topics, all of which were addressed timely and with good responses! They even helped me to diagnose a bad RAM stick even after the hardware warranty was over.

Since acquiring my Oryx Pro 2 years ago, many of my Linux using friends are now looking towards the options from System76. And when a friend bought a Gazelle for personal use, I knew I only wanted to further spread the word.

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